TS Sadie Hawkins Bangs TS Wendy Summers

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Sadie is relaxing in her hotel room when another woman, Wendy, enters her room (at least what she thought was her room). The two women start arguing about whose room it is. Sadie insists Wendy call the front desk and fix the problem. As the phone is ringing Wendy notices a rather large bulge in Sadie's pajama shorts. Wendy asks what it is and Sadie shyly implies that she knows what it was. Suddenly Wendy's mood changes and she shows Sadie they have something in common when she pulls her dress up and her panties down revealing a penis. Excited, Sadie sits down and begins to suck Wendy's cock. Wendy then pushes Sadie back and starts to work feverishly on her cock. Sadie tells Wendy she can stay in her room but she would have to submit to letting Sadie fuck her ass every night starting now. Wendy obediently bends over and Sadie rams her cock deep inside Wendy's rectum. Sadie suddenly pulls out and shoots a messy load of splooge all over Wendy's face. Wendy, needing to be satisfied, then jerks her cock until her semen dribbles onto Sadie's eager tongue.

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