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Lianna Lawson Has A Nice Surprise Between Her Long Legs

Released: 5/12/2017

Update: Jun 28, 2017

Amber Chaos

Blonde butterfly Amber Chaos has a few turn on's you should know about. When it cums to fucking girls, she likes to be really vulgar and even swear at them to get herself off. But with guys, it's the opposite. They have to grab her in a way that she feels like she is completely out of control, and she loves it. She also loves sex toys-- who doesn't?! As she tells you about all the nasty thing she says to female lovers, she reaches into her jean cut off shorts and inside mesh, black panties. She shoves them all down and around her ankles, all the while smiling and giggling about what she's going to do next. She jerks her nice, big lady cock for you, paying close attention to the huge vein running along the top of her shaft. And she's even grown some big, all natural trans girl titties... with huge areolas and cute, pointy nipples. She bends over so you can ravish her doggystyle, and she loves it so much she tears up. She even takes a ride on the Joyrider, fucking herself with a big dildo, before lying back and giving you everything she's got. Her boobies jiggle as she strokes, and she squeezes out a wet, messy orgasm for you to clean up with your tongue.

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