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Annabelle Lane Is Too Hot To Pass Up

Released: 4/14/2017

Update: May 24, 2017

Natassia Dreams

You're about to take your hot trans girlfriend Natassia Dreams on a date to the beach, but when you cum downstairs, you can't believe what she is wearing. It's not so much a bikini as it is lingerie. Its red hot with black lace and you're not going to let her leave the house like that. She begs you to change your mind it's a bathing suit she pleads. She throws a momentary fit, but then the two of you agree it would be much more fun to stay home together. She pulls her huge cock out the side of her panties and gets it nice and wet with lube. As she strokes, you can see her asshole clench and release. Just imagine how tight she would feel. But she's got an even dirtier idea. Why don't you get on top of her lady dick and ride it like a cowboy? Don't worry, you can flip fuck and have your turn too. You put her face down, ass up, and she jiggles her plump cheeks all around your thickness. After lots of humping and fucking, she asks you to sit back and edge with her. She imagines your tongue flicking across her head and biting her nipples. She needs you to suck out all the white stuff. She pulls her meat until she finally explodes with cum, moaning and bucking like crazy.

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Shemale Strokers 87

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