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Stunning Blonde Janelle Fennec Will Have You On Your Knees!

Update: Apr 25, 2018

Sasha De Sade

Drop dead gorgeous Sasha de Sade exudes sexiness with each syllable she speaks. She hopes she didn't keep you waiting too long, but she promises to make it worth your while. She just had to slip into something more comfortable. Now, her scrumptious ass pokes out of her thigh high stockings and blue lingerie. She's also packing a little something extra, but she thinks you'll like it. So, she bends over and spanks her ass. Her high heels poke back toward you, and you get hard as fuck. She's even harder when she pulls out her juicy girl dick. What do you think? Do you want some more of it? She starts massaging her all natural breasts she's been growing. She spits on her nipples and rubs the saliva into her soft skin. This makes her lady cock even stiffer. "Do you want to ride it or suck it?" she asks. When you can't make up your mind, she commands you, "Cum suck on the tip, baby." It tastes sweet. Her hormones make it taste like pussy, she tells you. The way you are lapping her up, you must be really starving. Now, lick her from the balls to the tip. "I want you to smell it before you eat me out," she instructs. She drips precum and can't help but rub herself against the carpet. Now it's time to get sticky. Stare at her cock like you want to suck it--that will help her cum. Showing her how badly you want it turns her on so much. It's time for her first orgasm of the night; she can five times in one evening! Jerking off on her back, she shoots a huge load of white sticky goo. Clean it up with your mouth. Show her how hungry you are. Then, you can feed her yours too.

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