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Lianna Lawson Has A Nice Surprise Between Her Long Legs

Released: 5/12/2017

Update: Sep 22, 2017

Melina George

You can't afford to take the beautiful Melina George on an expensive date, but maybe you can earn her attention another way. She tells you to cum closer, and then she slaps you on the cheek for being such a bad boy. Cum suck on my toes, she commands you. Since she can't wear her heels out, you better take good care of her little footsies. And you love it. Turns out, though, you can't even afford to take her to a cheaper place... not even a taco stand! Well, you better get ready to eat some ass then. But she's gonna play a little first. Can you even get her hard? She pulls her foreskin back and exposes the sensitive head of her lovely lady wand. Then, she bends over so you can get to work licking her crack. She pulls her black, lacy lingerie to the side and shows you her delicious ass pussy. She smacks and shakes her cheeks and pushes her lady cock back between her legs. She even spreads her asshole apart with her hot orange fingernails. Next, she demands that you suck her cock... harder... no, harder! She rough houses around with you as you try to please your trans woman Goddess. You want to fuck her so badly, but since you can't take her out, she's just gonna have to fuck herself. But, you can watch. She pulls out a big dildo and slides it into her trans girl pussy. She grabs her cock tight at the base while penetrating herself with the toy cock. Her toes wiggle as she squeezes out a wet and drippy surprise.

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