Luna Trailer

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Spunky trans girl Luna is ordering coffee at your outdoor cafe. While cute and bubbly, she does have some pretty specific instructions for her latte, so you better not screw it up! Turns out, this purple haired hottie is picky, but also forgetful. She misplaced her purse and can't pay. And she certainly doesn't want to mess up her pretty manicured fingers by doing dishes. Can't she make it up to you some other way? She starts by takes you to the back so she can give you a secret strip tease. She slips down her mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and raver boots and begins rubbing on her polka dotted underwear. How does such a big dick fit in such tiny panties? Now completely naked and seated, her lovely lady stick pokes out between her crossed legs, beckoning you to cum closer. Won't you have a taste of Luna's lollipop? She strokes her cock until its rock hard and twitching in anticipation of your hot mouth. Do you want to eat her out too? Lick that sensitive trans girl pussy while she plays with her balls. With her legs wide open and knees pulled up, her big, beautiful feet rest on her soft ass cheeks. Might as well get a taste of those toes too! For your final treat, Luna sits back and jerks off on to plate. Grab a spoon and dig in! Better yet, just lap it up off the plate with your tongue!

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