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TS Naya

Hi everybody, my name is Naya, originally from New York. I love Soul Food, Shopping and eating Cum. I love it when a man shoots cum all over me, especially in the face. I want you take your cocks out while I take out mine. We're going to stroke together until you work up a big load. Then I want it all over me.

30 Minute Movie, 22 Photos

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TS Lady Vixen

Hi boys, I'm Lady Vixen, a beautiful black T-Girl looking for some nasty boys with hard cocks. Are you out there? Do you want to see what I've got for you? Let me put on a show for you. First, I want your face all up in my ass. Then get under my balls and kiss my hard, ebony cock. Do you like hard cock in your face? I do. Now sit back and watch it explode with delight.

34 Minute Movie, 53 Hi-Res Photos




iris iris iris

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TS Maddison

Hi, I'm Maddison, a beautiful black T-Girl from San Francisco. I like to kiss, caress and stroke. Do you have anything I can do that to? I do. Check out my hard, ebony cock and great big titties. Don't you want to play with them? Don't you want to stroke me until I cum all over your hands?

21 Minute Hi-Def Widescreen Movie, 36 Hi-Res Photos




maddison maddison maddison

TS Trina

Hi, I'm Trina, a well-endowed sex kitten from Atlanta. Today I'm hot, bothered & horny for some stroking. Watch me rub my tits and ass for you. Do you like my thick cock? Get up close. I want to cum all over your face.

25 Minute Hi-Def Widescreen Movie, 37 Hi-Res Photos





trina trina trina

TS Capri

Hello, I'm TS Capri (sometimes known as Cinnamon) a dominant Tranny from Illinois here to stroke my big, black cock for you. Watch me shake my ass and play with my tits until my fuck-stick is rock hard. Then watch me spurt my thick, white load just for you.

26 Minute Movie, 24 Photos

capri capri capri

TS Layla Foxxx

Hi, I'm Layla Foxxx an ample T-Girl from Texas, where everything is big - including my cock. Let me play with my tits for you. Let me show you my ass. Watch me as I cum all over myself.

19 Minute Movie, 19 Photos

laylafoxxx laylafoxxx laylafoxxx

TS Vanilla

Hi, I'm Vanilla. I'm a very busy Tranny, working as a phone sex operator. Care to watch? I wonder how many people I can get off at the same time? I love this job because it always gets me so hard and horny. I love stroking my meat for people. Anybody want to taste Vanilla?

19 Minute Movie, 33 Photos

vanilla vanilla vanilla

TS Summer Heat

Hi, I'm Summer Heat and I'm back with my nice fat cock to stroke for you. Get up real close and just imagine your mouth wrapped around my balls. Wouldn't you like to suck on this? To slobber on my cock? If I cum in your mouth, would you swallow?

23 Minute Movie, 25 Photos

summerheat summerheat summerheat

TS Lexxi

Hi, I'm Lexxi from the Big Apple and I have a Big Cock to stroke for you. Check out my new, large breasts. They're so soft and round but so dry. I wish you could cum all over them for me.

17 Minute Movie, 31 Photos

lexxi lexxi lexxi

TS Samantha Luv

Hi, I'm TS Samantha Luv. I'm a smart, sexy Tranny from New York and I like to cater to my man's every need. I will obey you in anything. Please dominate me. Let me please you.

17 Minute Movie, 23 Photos

samanthaluv samanthaluv samanthaluv

TS Jordan

Hi, I'm Jordan. When the boys on my block want to play baseball, they always call me to be the batgirl. Why? Because they know I have the biggest bat on the block. Hell I've got perhaps the biggest bat in the state! In fact, it's so big, that I can actually suck my own bat!! You won't believe your eyes. So check out my bat and my balls. You especially like my thick white "batter."

20 Minute Movie, 24 Photos

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jordan jordan jordan

TS Tiffany

Hi, I'm TS Tiffany. I work as a cocktail waitress in a topless bar. The guys get all excited looking at my big DD's. Little do they know that I could really give them a COCK-TAIL! Sometimes I think they know, and just play dumb. But you're smart enough to know what YOU want! A hot T-girl like me with a big black 7 inch cock.

22 Minute Movie, 32 Photos

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tiffany tiffany tiffany

TS Brandy

Hi, I'm Brandy from Vegas and I'm here to dominate you. Lick my boot, stroke my thigh, don't talk back, do as I say. I want you to lick and suck on me while I whip out my cock and stroke for you. Watch how hard we both can get. Will you cum with me?

22 Minute Movie, 34 Photos

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brandy brandy brandy

TS Fantasy

Hi, I'm Fantasy, a 6 foot 4 inch Amazon Goddess from Orlando who wants to have some fun with you. I love to suck cock and to have my own cock sucked on. Want to see it? Watch me beat off and cum in my very first scene for SheMale Strokers.

12 Minute Movie, 27 Photos

fantasy fantasy fantasy

TS Jaguar

Hi, I'm Jaguar, from Mississippi. I'm a big black T-girl, hung and hot. I've got long blonde hair and big boobs. I like to take control of a man and be dominant, though I give a great blowjob and also like to rim my men. Have you had a good rim job lately? Let me lube it up with my tongue. You're going to need it to take my big black cock.

32 Minute Movie, 42 Photos

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jaguar jaguar jaguar

TS Megan

Hi, I'm TS Megan, a hot black tranny with a big stick. I'm gonna get naked and stroke and stroke and then stroke some more till that big stick shoots big.

20 Minute Movie, 40 Photos

megan megan megan

TS Nicole

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am pure chocolate honey. I am pure curves with my huge extra large round tits and an awesome round ass to match. I am going to rock your world with eight thick inches of extra sweet black tranny cock. Cum and let me sweet talk you to the "Dark Side"!

17 Minute Movie, 40 Photos

nicole nicole nicole

TS Mistress Leela

Hi, I am Leela. Mistress Leela to you though. I am a sexy, black and beautiful dominant top. I am sexually open to anything and will try everything! I've got sweet natural and soft tranny titties. Don't you wanna suck on them? They squirt delicious, hot milk! I've got some other white, hot milk for you too! Guess where it comes from? None other than my dominant, thick, black 6 inch tranny joystick!

18 Minute Movie, 51 Photos

mistressleela mistressleela mistressleela

TS Jem Sucks TV Kim

TS Jem works at a shoe store, but somehow doesn't spot that Kim is a TV. Jem measures Kim's shoe size, and she's got big feet, a size 11. But the biggest size that Jem has is 10. "Too bad you're not a 10," she says. "But I am a 10!" Kim replies. But she's talking big black cock, not feet. Amazed, Jem shows Kim her size 8! Now their minds are off feet and their mouths are on cocks, as they take turns sucking each other off and cumming on each other's faces.

20 Minute Movie, 55 Photos,

jem-kim jem-kim jem-kim

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